Beginners’ Guide: Tips in Using Your E Cigarettes and E Liquid

E cigarettes seem very easy to use. You simply have to charge the batteries, make sure that the cartridge contains enough e liquid, and then you can puff away and enjoy your favorite flavor. That may be the basic concept of using an e cigarette, but unknown to you, there are some tips and tricks that you can do to ensure that you get to enjoy the habit better and that you can prevent finding yourself in a situation where you will be holding an e cigarette that is not working. Now, that will be a seriously bad thing to happen because your instinct will tell you to buy a pack of regular cigarettes instead, which will defeat your purpose of stopping that harmful habit. Here are some tricks that you must learn and start practicing.

Regularly Charge your Batteries

Depending on the type of battery that comes with your e cigarette, it could last for several hours or days on a full charge. See to it that you have enough charge on it, especially if you will be going out. A fully charged battery usually produces more vapors and that reduces as the battery loses its charge. If your battery has a short charged life, you may opt to carry along a spare battery with you and invest on high quality batteries while you are at it.

Enjoy Each Puff

Just like with real cigarettes, you can produce more vapors if you make each puff long and slow. Therefore, take your time and enjoy your e cigarette and the many flavors of e liquid that you use with it. Unlike real cigarettes, its tip will not burn off so there really is no need to hurry.

Clean your E Cigarette Regularly

A clogged up atomizer will produce less vapor and can reduce your satisfaction. Any residue left can also burn and create a burnt taste, which will affect the flavor of your e liquid. You can dip the atomizer in alcohol to dissolve this residue or you may also blow instead of inhaling to push off any residue that is clogging it. Aside from that, you need to clean the connection between the atomizer and the battery too. You may notice at some point that your e cigarette is not working. Before throwing it, try cleaning the connection, as there may be some dirt there that is hindering the flow of charge to make the atomizer work.

Remember to Prime

Priming each puff will produce more vapor volume. For manual batteries, you can do this by holding down the button before vamping. For automatic batteries, make small puffs before taking a long one. Priming will also protect your customizer from possible damage.

Avoid Overfilling Your Atomizer

In most cases, the e liquid is poured into the cartridge or customizer, but you can also drip the liquid directly to the atomizer. Whichever way you prefer it, remember not to overfill that reservoir. You might think that the more e juice you place, the more vapor it will produce. That is not actually the case. To produce that vapor, air must be present inside to assist the flow of the liquid and the resulting vapor through the atomizer. Therefore, avoid flooding that space to allow some air to be present inside.

Experiment with Flavors

e liquidAside from using different flavors, try mixing them as well to produce your own preferred taste. For instance, you can mix some menthol and fruity flavors to come up with a cool and sweet taste. You may also try buying the components of e liquids separately to create a solution with your desired nicotine strength. Be very careful with this, though, because you might make a mistake with your calculations and end up mixing a flavor with too much nicotine in it.

As you use your e cigarette more frequently, you will get to learn other tricks that will improve your smoking experience and at the same time lengthen the life of your e cigarette. Just learn as you go along to make the experience highly satisfying.

All About USB Cables

Nowadays, the Universal Serial Bus or more commonly known as USB has become a staple item used in homes, in schools, and in offices. The USB cable was introduced during the mid-1990s to improve the connection, communication, and power supply between computers and electronic devices. The USB is designed to set the standard for cables, connectors, and communication protocols of computer peripherals. It is also used to connect and transfer files and data from smartphones, PDAs, videogame consoles, and other electronic gadgets. Since its introduction to the market, it has replaced the earlier interface serial ports and parallel ports.

There have been different versions of USB Cables that are released since its development: USB 1.0, USB 2.0, and USB 3.0. The USB 1.0 version was released in 1996 with speed rate of 1.5 Mbits/s to 12 Mbits/s. Its maximum length is about 3 meters only. The cable has timing and power limitation so extension cables were not allowed. Having problems and because of its limitations, updated versions like the USB 1.1 version was made available later on.

The USB 2.0 Version was made public in April 2000, with better features and faster speed. It is considered as the “hi-speed” with speed of up to 480 Mbits/s. It uses the polling mechanism in signaling method that allow it to either receive or send data, or also called half duplex. It uses power up to 500 mA and has 4 wires within its cable: 2 wires for data and 2 for power. The Standard-A connector of USB 2.0 is usually gray in color while its Standard-B connector is smaller in size. Each USB 2.0 cable is normally 5 meters in length. To enhance the performance of USB 2.0, modifications were made using the Engineering Change Notices (ECN). Some of these revisions are the release of Mini-A and Mini-B Connector ECN in October 2000, the issuance of Pull-up/Pull-down Resistors ECN in May 2002, the introduction of the Inter-Chip USB Supplement 1.3 in December 2006, the announcement of the USB On-the-Go Supplement 1.3 in December 2006, and the announcement of Micro-USB Cables and Connectors Specifications 1.01 in July 2007.

CablesThe USB 3.0 is the latest version of USB cables that is available in the market. It provides faster speed and better functionality than what the USB 2.0 could offer—with a super speed of 4.8 GB per second that is 10 times faster than USB 2.0. Thus, transferring of data and backing up of files can be done in less time.

Aside from speed, the 3.0 version of USB Cables allows reading and writing of data between two connected devices can be done simultaneously. This is because the 3.0 version uses the asynchronous mechanism signaling method that allows it to send and receive data, also known as full duplex. This version also consumes less power, at 900mA, allowing better power efficiency. Another great feature of USB 3.0 is its capability to provide power to more devices from one hub. Another improvement introduced in the USB 3.0 cable is its having 9-10 wires within its cable. Two of these wires are used for power. Another wire (called Unshielded Twisted Pair or UTP) is used for high-speed and lower data transfer. This wire also allows backward compatibility for the older versions of USB. Two wires, called Shielded Differential Pairs (SDPs), contain three wires each in which two are used for signal transmission while the other one is a drain wire. Another two SDPs are added for transferring super speed data that allows the simultaneous transferring of data. Its standard-A connectors are usually available in blue color, while standard-B connectors have extra space for more wires. Generally, the USB 3.0 offers better performance and speed and provides better battery life for devices that uses the USB 3.0 technology. As of January 2013, an improved version of USB 3.0 was released to the market and was known as the USB 3.1.

The Many Materials of Badge Lanyards

Badge lanyards, as demonstrated by the name itself, have one express purpose: to securely hold an ID badge just like a necklace should. These lanyards are more than just cords that have badges suspended on them; they are also representative of the wearer’s current designation.

Due to their mass production, huge customization options, and quick output, badge lanyards can be made of many, many materials. There are cheap commonly-sourced materials, and there are rare premium novelty materials.

Badge lanyardsPolyester is a common material for these lanyards, as they are in use for most pieces of clothing as well as furniture. Due to the fabric’s versatility, the desired colors and designs can either be imprinted or woven. And no matter how a polyester lanyard is swung around, it will never wrinkle, making the designs retain their prominence.

Nylon is another common material. For those who want more value for money, nylon lanyards are their best bet since the material is less expensive than polyester but is still as durable. For one thing, it can withstand heat. This fact translates well to the designs that are imprinted. For people who sweat a lot during work, nylon lanyards do not retain the sweaty odors from their necks as compared to polyester lanyards.

Silk may not be as quite as expensive like it was in ancient times, but it has found its way towards the ordinary badge lanyards at affordable prices. Silk is noted for its elegant look and feel, and the printed designs on silk lanyards are still legible and will blend well with the natural sophistication of the fabric. Silk lanyards are both resistant to heat and moisture, which will prove useful for workers who transfer from place to place as part of field work. It is also as durable as nylon.

Satin is related to silk, as the two materials come from the same source: silkworms. However, there are also satin fabrics made of cotton and other synthetic fibers. But regardless of the source material of satin, satin lanyards are as elegant as silk lanyards.

Bamboo fiber is a sustainable resource, as bamboo is a type of grass and can be grown just about anywhere. It is also biodegradable for the same reason. Therefore, environmental advocates wear bamboo lanyards.

Plastic fibers recycled from PET bottles are also an ecologically viable option for lanyards. The materials can be acquired for free by the lanyard manufacturer, and it can even turn a profit from ecologically-conscious customers.

Cotton is a traditional fabric for clothes, so do not be surprised if there are lanyards made with it due to the natural softness and fluffiness it offers. For those who are really mindful of luxurious and exotic things, lanyards made of Egyptian and Turkish cotton can be found. For the environmentally inclined, organic cotton lanyards are available for their perusal.

Parachute cord, or paracord, is made according to military specifications. Therefore, it is the most durable material that can be used for badge lanyards. However, par cord lanyards can only be made in limited quantities, and there are no designs that can be printed on them due to the nature of the material. Several workarounds such as rubber strap logos can be implemented on paracord lanyards to make up for this deficiency.

Wool is a popular material for knitting; and for those who want a more homely approach to lanyards, wool lanyards are for them. As there are many knitting techniques, unlimited designs can be made with wool lanyards.

Rubber is a good substitute for those who are really budget-conscious. As with rubber or silicone wristbands, rubber lanyards can have unlimited customization options such as multiple clips and clasps. Furthermore, rubber lanyards are easier to clean compared to fabric-based lanyards.

How A SEO Company Can Change Your Blog Content For The Better?

Every blog owner today is proud of their creation. Writing, managing, and publishing content becomes second nature. However, SEO Companythere is going to be a moment in time where an extra amount of help is going to be needed. This happens over time, and it is not exclusive to any one niche. Whether you’re writing about skateboard decks or you’re managing a site on cats, you will find that over time traffic will drop out of the blue. When you traffic margins start to diminish, it becomes necessary to look into hiring a bit of help. If you give the reins to someone else, you will end up with better content, better posts and an increase in readership. Without hiring a SEO company, you will be relegated to trying to figure out how to increase the traffic on your own.

Familiar Territory Kills Passion:

There is a common thread between marriage and long term relationships. When you’re in a long term relationship, perhaps even a marriage, there is a familiarity there that causes couples to “phone it in”. They stop being considerate and they stop pushing for the marriage to work and gain a certain level of passion. That could lead to divorce, depression, and more. Blogging can be like a marriage in some ways, and the more familiar you are with the format, template, and writing that you do on a regular basis, the more you start to phone it in as well. When you are no longer passionate about your writing, content, and subject, you will start to throw up just about anything to appease your readers. They’ll see that you’re losing steam and may even leave your site. That’s where traffic diminishes and no one reads what you post. Familiar territory, no matter how much you love it, will eventually kill your passion. It’s for that main reason that you need to hire a SEO company to help you with your blog content, article marketing and creation of more enthused posts over time.

The Changeover Starts With Templates:

Template design is not just relegated to web design or visual flow. You will find that this can be attributed to your writing. The writing that you have is important on many levels. It requires you to consider several things to move forward with content. A good company will have a “writing template” that they will attribute to your blog. It will include a compelling title, writing, images, and perhaps even a video or two. This sort of quality build is something that you may have started out writing, but eventually ended up losing out on. It’s hard to focus on the same things over and over again, which is why many end up losing that passion. A SEO company will change this and create content that is focused on keyword selection that will help you land traffic from organic sources, links from other bloggers, and much more. This changeover may start with a template, but it will build out into a favorable locale in time.

The Key To Conversion Rates:

If you just want to have more traffic, then you can trust in the hiring of a SEO company. They will build the right page structure, writing, and content to allow you to convert higher. Conversion rates are not just for ecommerce websites. Too often, people assume that you have to work within the realms of sales to get conversions. The truth of the matter is that you can get this in regards to just about anything. Let’s assume we are still talking about blogging. Your conversion rate is in regards to subscribers. The goal of all bloggers is definitely readership, and subscribers. If you have those in place, than you will have a captive audience to market to. The key here is to get people on board, and that is harder than you may think. Writing like a mad man on a daily basis is not going to get it done, you will need to work within the boundaries of SEO if you want a fighting chance.

One Acronym, Several Branches:

A SEO company can change the way you think about blogging. They will change your content for the better, but they will not just stick to the pure essence of search engine optimization. You absolutely need to be aware of what this means. It means that your content will go from 1 sided or even 2 sided into a multi-faceted multimedia experience. Often times, people forget that blogging can be more than just the sum of 1 of the parts. Just because you have a blog doesn’t mean that you are relegated to just posting longwinded blocks of text. That may be a good start for some, but it’s not the end result, which is why you will need to have a professional come in to help you sustain readership, increase traffic, and get the almighty conversion rate up.

It may be easy to quantify this all under the banner of SEO, but it has a lot of moving parts. Once you have the parts working for you straightway, you will gain major traffic. This cannot be done without some help from professional grade services in terms of optimization.

Author Bio:

ExplodeSEO is a New York based SEO Company specializing in SEO Services such as traditional SEO, risk free SEO, Internet marketing Consulting, Local Optimization and Reputation Management services.

Scheduling A Formal Ceremony For Giving Away Recognition Pins And Awards

There are a lot of different non-verbal ways of showing appreciation and recognition for the notable accomplishments or contributions of individuals and organizations. Giving them tokens or certificates is just one common way. Ribbons, recognition pins, plaques, and sometimes trophies are suitable tokens for most occasions. But it’s not enough to just give these away. A formal way of honouring the individual or group,  like scheduling a recognition ceremony or a short program, gives the award double significance, and makes the awardee feel important, which is actually the essence of recognition.

pinsRecognition may be given in an inexpensive way, in a way that’s easy to set up, and will not take up too much of your time. It just needs to be planned well ahead of time because no matter how simple, you will still need some logistics and materials to arrange a successful ceremony or program. And you also might have to invite some people to grace the occasion and do some speeches, in addition to ensuring that your awardee or awardees will be present during the ceremony.

The best thing to do when scheduling a recognition or awarding ceremony is to first make a list of the things that need to be done. And again, this must be done way ahead of time. Just so you get an idea of what needs to be prepared and included in the list, start with what some people call the five Ws and one H – the what, when, where, who, and why, and the how. Out of these categories, you can have a checklist that will more or less help you with preparing all your requirements for the occasion.

Since this is going to be a ceremony, you’ll need to decide on a venue and an appropriate date. These always go hand in hand, because if you don’t own the venue, you may have to find out when that will be available for you, and for what cost. Again, it is important that these things be planned well in advance, since you may have to choose among different venues and decide on the most suitable one.

Aside from the appropriateness of the venue, it is important to ascertain early on the logistical requirements for preparing this venue for the occasion. For example, is there a sound system or public-address available, or do you need to bring your own? Does the rental package include this, or should you rent elsewhere and transport the system to the venue? Would there be furniture available, like chairs and tables and other furnishings? These are all to be considered as part of the physical arrangement for the program.

If you have enough people to assist with preparing the venue, it is best to organize them into committees, each of which will be in charge of a certain aspect of the preparation. But someone has to be in charge to call the shots based on the inputs that everybody gives.

Aside from the committees that take charge of scheduling the venue, there must be a program committee or team that will prepare the awards. This team will devise the award, saying what form it will be and what’s supposed to be writing on the award. Certificates need the appropriate wording on it. Even recognition pins and medals will need to contain the proper wording on them. And this takes time because most probably you’ll have to tap an outside contractor to make those pins or awards.

Recognition pins are ideal in simple recognition ceremonies. These can go with a plaque of appreciation – something that you can make yourself if you have a good quality printer and some specialty paper that you can buy in the bookstore or school supply. When you give recognition pins, bear in mind that the awardee may want to wear that for a few days or for a longer time, so make something that’s not too big but of course attractive, something that the recipient will treasure having and displaying.

Baseball Pins for Your Baseball Teams

History dictates that baseball has long been one of the biggest sports in the country. Whether played as a past time or in an athletic tournament, baseball remains to be one of the sports that is most loved by American people. Teams of every age bracket always come together to play a good game of baseball either in school or state tournaments. And along with the popularity of these baseball tournaments also came the tradition of baseball pin trading among participating teams. Thus, as a baseball team, you must find the best available baseball pins that are both appealing for pin trading, and helpful in enhancing your team spirit.

Baseball pins serve as symbols for your team. The best trading pins should be able to embody your team’s vision and character into a fine and appealing design. Trading pins are all about creativity, so it is crucial to really think about what design would best represent your team’s spirit. Remember that it should elevate the best assets of your team. Thus, you must choose and create a design that is unique and creative, and at the same time will be able to leave a mark of your team’s legacy.

baseball pinsDuring baseball tournaments, your baseball pins will serve as representations of your team. The pins allow you to show the pride that you have for your team. It also reflects the burning desire you have to win every one of the games that you will play. Wearing your team’s pin will be like wearing your team’s identity wherever you go. The more appealing your pin is, the higher the tendency for people to recognize and remember the team and its achievements. And that is every team’s desire: to leave a strong and unwithering legacy to other people. With baseball trading pins, you can eternalize this legacy and all the memories that come with it.

Along with this symbol of pride also comes the members’ confidence to represent the team. The identity that the pin brings will definitely boost the confidence of the members. When the members know their identity as a team, a greater sense of unity will arise from them. Members who wear the pin will more likely feel a deeper sense of value in their role for the team. This will make them play harder, to win harder. When the members recognize that they belong to the team, they acknowledge that it is their role to represent the team as best as they could. This will more likely result in higher chances of winning the game. No matter how small or big, how old or new, or how veteran or amateur the team is, if the members understand and embrace their place and value in the team, the team will have greater chances of success. And one step into achieving this dream unity is to make the members wear the team’s baseball pin as proudly as they could. Through the team’s official baseball pins, the sense of belongingness and self-value from each member will definitely manifest into the collective pride and unity that your team desires.

Your baseball trading pins will hold some of the greatest memories of every baseball league. Your wins, your losses, the time and effort invested, and all the days of hard work will all be gathered together into one simple pin. The memories are always the best part of every baseball experience. In the future, they will surely create a rushing feel of nostalgia in you. So you have to make sure that the pin that will bring all of these memories back again will be worth looking at. Your team must make sure that the baseball pins that you will have will be as great as the memories they will carry.

The Advantages of Using a Windows VPS Server

Virtual Private Server hosting or VPS is the most common hosting plan used by companies today. It provides them the means to split a physical server virtually into smaller servers. Others call this a server within a server. This virtual partition allows each partition to have their own identity as they become a dedicated server on their own.

The servers can either be Windows VPS server or Linux VPS server. Opting for VPS allows you to even personalize your services. For those who offer web hosting to clients, this allows you to handle any requirement they may ask from you.

vpsThe benefits provided by a VPS makes companies use them more. It allows them to upgrade their system easily too. But, when it comes to VPS servers, between the two servers mentioned earlier, companies use Windows more.

What makes Windows VPS servers used more by companies? For those who wish to try these for their business – online or otherwise, the following reasons just might convince you.

1. Affordability

Windows VPS server is more affordable. It is very cheap that people consider it to be the best VPS around. This is one of the reasons that companies usually opt for this. It is one budget friendly server that provides you with the quality performance you deserve.

2. Guaranteed hosting solution

A lot of companies want to make sure that their systems operate smoothly. While technicians can manage it, it pays to have a server which can guarantee their information’s security.

As part of its secured performance, your VPS Server daily backups your data automatically. You are saved copies of your data meaning you don’t need to be worry about it.

Your hosting provider also continuously monitors your server. It alerts you in case there is a foreseen problem. You can easily make actions and even be recommended of a solution to this dilemma.

3. Better performance

Windows VPS server gives better performance. Its virtual server gets an operating system to ensure its quality performance.

You also get support 24/7 which makes it easy to solve technical problems easily. You just need to review whether the hosting provider gives the technical support free of charge or with charge. Fortunately most of these offer no hidden costs and provides top quality performance with their server’s user friendliness.

4. Adjustment of server requirements

One of the best advantages of having Windows VPS is the ability to increase and decrease your assets. Of course, this depends on what you need. For the layman, determining this can be a tedious task. In this VPS, your hosting provider can track it down for you and recommend you need to add. This is one VPS that can fit both small and large scale companies.

5. Economical

Window’s VPS provides you the ability to have dedicated servers and split into more. This allows you to run customized server applications in an isolated environment. In turn you can run multiple windows and let you access your desktop remotely. It even allows you to run applications smoothly.

Windows VPS server is really one of the best servers you can go for especially if you are running an office. Other than the efficiency and security it provides you can definitely customize it according to your need. This is one of the latest advantage technology can provide. It also has unlimited bandwidth allowing any software to run on it. Windows VPS definitely is a great choice whether you are running a big company or a small one. This is a great solution to data security and resource management.

Keynotes Speakers and Their Roles

Keynote speakers are significant and integral to almost all gathering of professionals, especially those occasions intended to impart knowledge.

In any programme or invitation, their names occupy a luminous spot, often highlighted with a relatively larger font size and better font types. Some keynote speakers have established credibility in delivering great speeches. But for those who still have to gain experience, what does it take for them to earn that prestigious spot?

First and foremost, keynote speakers must know the roles that they are playing. Knowing these things will be helpful in letting them find out how they can master the craft of this kind of public speaking.

Below is a list of roles of keynote speakers:

1.    A passionate sharer of valuable wisdom: The audience must learn from them – the kind of learning wherein the crowd feels that what they have listened to has come out from the heart, and not from the brain.

2.    A wise and cooperative guest: Though the speaker is a special guest, he must not take advantage of it. He must take the initiative to know the event and the audience’s demographic and psycho graphic information. He also cooperates with the organization’s officers, and event managers and staff before, during and even after the occasion.

3.    A considerate speaker who does not laud his ow: He or she must not talk about his or her achievements or future projects in life, the speech must revolve only on the theme of the occasion. The audience will get tired if the speaker keeps on talking only about himself. The speaker must consider imparting what only is relevant to the audience’s career and life itself.

4.    A clever entertainer: Humors should be injected every now and then to the speech of the keynote speaker so that the audience will not dose off. Furthermore, incorporating humor into the message the speaker wants to share will establish his cleverness or wit.

The-Eight-Worst-Mistakes-that-Keynote-Speakers-MakeHe must know wisely how to integrate relevant anecdotes to his or her speech. Anecdotes back-up whatever important note the speaker has in store for the audience. These real stories add emotion and entertainment to the main part of the speech.

5.    Skilled conveyor of call-to-action ideas: Keynote speakers are supposed to motivate and inspire others. They are unworthy to remember if they do not share the sense of urgency to the audience.

Speeches dotted with call-to-action statements must be delivered at the perfect pace. Deliver the speech at the perfect pace. Talking intense at the climaxes, speaking soft at tender parts – these are skills that any guest speaker must acquire.

6.    A professional speaker: Even when it comes to the seemingly simplest details, like proper grooming or punctuality, every speaker must be keen in rounding up this kind of responsibilities.

This adds credibility to him as others will see that even at the littlest things, he is able to exhibit professionalism. Apart from establishing a good relationship with the event organizers, the speaker will also set up a long-lasting rapport with his listeners.

7.    A grateful guest: Earning a significant portion at any occasion deserve a big “thank you” from the invited speaker. After he has given hope and boost to his listeners, he must acknowledge that he was only able to do it because he was given the opportunity to do so. The best remembered speeches are those that end with a gratifying statement.

These mentioned roles are the prime responsibilities every speaker must know. Mastering these roles will give anyone a set of advantages needed to become a successful speaker.

These are also the bases on how one can tell if the name listed as an occasion’s keynote speaker is worthy of that special spot in the souvenir programme.

Choosing the Right Kind of Home Safes

When people try to search for the best home safes, it can be assumed that they have already identified the importance of having them in their homes. However, those who start their search for a security safe have been surprised at the wide range of options they can choose from.

Because of the plethora of available options, those who are planning to buy these safes are required to do the following steps before they start their shopping adventure.

1. Know what items are going to be stored.

They need to first take into account what are the items they plan to place in the safe. Having a clear idea of what sorts of things are going to be kept in the safe can hasten the process of selection and decision making.

2. Decide what kind of protection is needed.

Home safes Home Safesare mainly used for a couple of reasons. First, they are used to guard the valuable possessions from common robbers. Second, they are used to shield these items from the damage that can be caused by fire. There is an option to acquire safes that offer both kinds of protection or just one. This needs to be determined before the shoppers can proceed to the next step of selecting which kind will work for them.

3. Choose the kind of locking mechanism.

All sorts of safes feature many different locking mechanisms. Safes that are less expensive make use of a combination lock or a key. The more expensive ones, on the other hand, feature electrical systems. There are also some models that employ a number pad combo. Some more advanced units feature a fingerprint recognition system.

What are the different kinds of home safes?

  • Floor Safes

These are built-in safes inside the house. They are either attached into the basement by using cement or constructed into the floor board. Similar to wall safes, floor safes are also thin enough to fit between the floor boards. Because of how they are installed, these become tough for thieves take out. They could also be concealed under a rug carpet, or furniture. They may also be obscured within the floor by incorporating carpentry work.

  • Wall Safes

These are also built-in safes that are integrated into the walls of the house. They are usually thin to enable them to fit between the wall studs. They may be effortlessly covered with a piece of art, a shelf or a built-in sliding panel.

  • Diversion Safes

These safes are commonly small in size and are utilized to hide things from thieves. They are intended to avoid making people give a second glimpse. These are camouflaged as normal day-to-day items like books, candles, brooms, containers, and other similar things. Diversion safes are usually used to keep some emergency cash.

  • Standing Safes

This type of home safes is an alternative that almost anyone can pay for. Most of these can resist fire and deter robbers because they are generally large and heavy. These are an excellent choice for more compact things and confidential documents.

  • Laptop Safes

This is the newest addition to the selection of home safes available for people to choose. Laptop computers are often a simple and fast object to grab and steal, even for the newbie robbers. Laptop safes in many cases are manufactured to fit into or under a table drawer. These are also made to appear like they are not safes. Some other designs of laptop safes, particularly favored by students, offer systems to affix the safe to furniture. Hard disk drives and other small computer components such as flash drives are generally kept in this type of safe.

Custom Challenge Coins : A Glimpse Of The How It Started

Custom challenge coins are described as medallions or small coins that display an emblem or logo of an organization. They are usually carried by the members of the institution or organization. Customarily, the coins are given as a proof of membership in order to boost team spirit. On top of that, some service members have also developed a habit of collecting these challenge coins because of their design, meaning and sentimental value. In military practice, the challenge coins are often offered by unit commanders to unit members who deserve to be recognized for their special accomplishment.

How did the custom challenge coins come about?

custom challenge coinsThe history of these challenge coins seemed to be quite interesting and fascinating as they were first used during World War I by the American military. The very first challenge coins that were utilized during the world war were constructed out of bronze and were covered with gold plating. These small medallions or coins are used to symbolize particular membership or positions in the military or in an organization. Since then, they have become well-known among Americans, popular enough for people to be enticed to gather them for their collection.

The primary use of the coins is for challenging. Yet, apart from that, they may also be used and given as an award for exceptional performance of duty or loyal service. In general, they are really a great instrument to build the morale of every member. On the other hand, regarding their use in the modern day American military, using custom challenge coins most likely started out amongst Special Forces unit in the course of the Vietnam War. This challenge coin tradition was passed on through the airborne group.

By the early nineteen-eighties, it was then passed on to the seventy-fifth Ranger Regiment. When the different officials were reassigned as they moved on in their careers, they have instilled in them the tradition of giving a unit coin as an award for their deeds that were deserving of acknowledgement and recognition, yet were not enough to merit the soldiers an official medal of honor. The challenge coins had not been very popular before the First Persian Gulf War during the 1990 to 1991. Yet, since then, they have progressively gained popularity.

Bulldog Challenge Coin

The Bulldog challenge coin was one of the very popular of its kind in the US Air Force. It was available only to the tail gunners enlisted at B-52. Since the B-52 gunner post was eliminated in 1991, this renowned challenge coin has grown to be more uncommon.

This Bulldog coin was offered to gunners when they graduated from their technical training in the Air Force and when they joined the Gunners Association. During the earlier times of bombers, a nugget or a bean was the one being used. The coin signifies the characteristics of bravery and strength as resembled by the Bulldog, which was also the gunner’s official mascot. In addition, the Bulldog coin was also offered to selected honorary gunners, commonly the leader and the commanders, who depicted the nature of the bulldog.

Coin Collection

A number of coin enthusiasts purchase them for their numismatic worth. The custom challenge coins presented as accolades for achievements are usually offered during a handshake. A handshake involved transferring from the giver’s right hand to the awardees’ right hand. Additionally, it is also standard for the giver to share the story behind or the explanation about the reason why the recipient is given the coin award.

Largest Collection

Probably the most enormous collection of custom challenge coins related to the Army Engineer can be found in a huge cabinet in the AEA or Army Engineer Association’s regimental shop. This store was situated in the Engineer Museum at the residence of the Engineer Regiment. The challenge coins were generously donated by the customers of the store, who have visited ever since it started out in the late nineteen-eighties.

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The History of Golf Bags

The progression of golf has always brought with it the evolution of the golf bag and other accessories as well. When golf was first invented, golf bags were actually non-existent. Golfers would usually tie up golf cubs using a string or put them in a burlap sack. At first, the game of golf was thought to distract the Scottish army, and was initially banned in 1457; the Scottish monarch thought that carrying golf clubs without bags was not enough physical training. Luckily, the ban got lifted in 1502, and would then become a recognized sport.

It was during the 1900s where the modern golf ball and golf bag were invented; these bags looked more like modern Sunday bags than a modern bag that you have today. The original golf bags were made from canvas and had metal ends, which offers protection and shape. This bag stands about 35 inches tall, and opens with 4 inches on one end, where the clubs are placed. This structure would last until the 1930s.

golf bagsAfter the Second World War, golfers deemed the bag too small to hold sufficient golf clubs, as the 4-inch opening can only hold a small number of golf clubs. As the evolution of the game of nine holes progressed, more clubs were introduced. New material, such as nylon and plastic, replaced the outdated leather, making these new golf bags not only more lightweight, but also able to hold more clubs, thus making them more resistant to tearing.

The USGA adopted the 14-club rule in 1939, which limited the number of clubs that could be carried in a competition. This new rule set a new standard for determining the size of a golf bag, and this rule still continues to define the modern golf bag industry.

When the golf cart was invented in 1956, the ordinary golf bag became less popular. Despite the many innovations that the bag saw, they were still difficult to lug around, making carrying them pale in comparison to just riding a golf cart. As an answer to this threat, manufacturers decided to make a new golf bag, which had back straps, and a tripod designed to allow the golf bag to stand on its own, thus giving birth to the modern stand bag. These new bags were crafted to have bottoms that make them easier to store on golf carts. This improvement can still be seen in modern bags today.

Rick Reimers, a professional golfer during the 1970s, saw that there was room for improvement in the golf bag design. During that time, carry bags were still relatively heavy, and he decided that the materials used could be even lighter. His construction techniques led to a new way of crafting golf bags that are still used by modern golf bag manufacturers today. By using nylon, Reimers was able to create a bag that was not only lightweight, but also superior in durability – something that most golfers during this time were particularly concerned about.

Different companies introduced different improvements afterwards. These innovations continue to shape the modern golf bag into what it is today, and will continue to shape the future of these bags. Different kinds of bags were introduced, and more will be introduced in the future.

The golf bag adapts to the changes in the game of golf, and as the game evolves, you will see the golf bag evolve with it. As new rules are introduced, golfers will have new demands and needs, and as the demands and needs of the modern golfer change, one can be sure that the golf bag industry will change with it.

With the quest of providing the optimum user satisfaction and comfort driving the industry leaders to come up with better products every time, golf enthusiasts, hobbyists, and professionals will one day look back at the history of golf bags, and will be surprised just how the golf bag changed along with the game.

The Top 6 Benefits of a Misting Fan

The invention of misting fan is a blessing to people who like to experience optimum coolness but cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars on more expensive cooling appliances. It really does solve the overwhelming expenditure without compromising quality and functionality. If you are still looking for more reasons to invest on this type of fan, you will get some of them as the list gives its top six benefits.

1. It saves you a couple of hundred dollars

Both in its market price and electric consumption, you are guaranteed to save hundreds of dollars even without completely giving up the convenience of air conditioners and humidifiers. As simple as using a misting fan alternately with your other cooling appliances can drastically cut down your energy consumption.

2. It lowers temperature by 30 to 40 degrees

misting fanMisting fans are far more accurate in cooling down the temperature compared to ordinary humidifiers. They can lower the temperature by up to 40 degrees in an enclosed area where the breeze directly hits. If you want to get the job done quickly, you can simply turn on the fan and let the mist do its work. This is also a great way to maintain the coolness created by an air conditioner after you turned it off to save on energy consumption.

3. It creates a cool layer of air outdoors

A misting fan can cover a limited area outdoors with cooler air, something that no other cooling appliance can do. It can cool down the temperature under direct sunlight by 12 degrees, enough to make sunbathing, sports activities and working outside the house comfortable. There are specially designed outdoor misting fans that can keep your backyard areas usable even under extreme heat. If your family likes basking under the sun, you might want to consider installing some.

4. It cleans the air

The mist a misting fan produces cleans the dust and pollens in the air, giving you easier work come vacuuming and sweeping time. When placed on entrances, as in the case of porch misting fans, you will considerably reduce the amount of dirt getting inside your house, together with other airborne particles that can cause asthma and allergic attacks.

If you have problems with ventilation and exhaust systems, misting fans will also dissipate the smoke and bad odor more effectively than cooling humidifiers and ordinary cooling fans do.

5. It repels pests and insects

If you live in southern states, you surely know what is being talked about here. When seasons change, insects and pests also migrate – in houses. This is a big problem during summer when you want to keep the fresh air in but cannot open your doors and windows because of gate-crashing flying insects. A misting fan will create an atmosphere in and around the house that is not conducive for them to live.

6. It effectively cools down pets

Sensitive pets need a good balance of moisture and coolness to prevent untimely shedding and dehydration. Aside from a cooling humidifier, a misting fan will also work best. There is no need to leave the air conditioner running all-day long.

Our misting fan are completely designed with your comfort in mind.

Utah Criminal Defense Attorney and the Cases They Handle

Working as a Utah criminal defense attorney is just one of the many specialties in law. There is also tax, environment, securities, civil litigation and tort. Choosing among these specialties is recommended.

Law is a truly diverse field which has a niche that caters to everyone’s interests. As the federal criminal laws expand, there is also a rise in people being accused of these crimes. Legal procedures have likewise been expedited by the use of technology and the ease of communication. Gathering of evidence is made more convenient and transmission of documents from one office to another is made faster. Having experienced lawyers to handle these processes can help people who are accused of these crimes get their court dismissal at the soonest possible time – and if they are convicted, get the lightest possible punishment.

A Utah criminal defense attorney has a different focus from civil law. Civil law leans more towards resolution of disputes through amicable settlements and just compensation for the victims. Contrary to this, a criminal lawyer’s work is more on pursuing punishment for social deviants who have committed crimes that threatened, harmed, or endangered another individual’s health, safety, and even their morality.

A defense attorney, as the name implies, defends those who are accused and those who are being investigated of a crime. This is regardless if they really did commit it or not because the Constitution states that a defendant is innocent unless otherwise proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. These clients can be individuals or companies.

A lawyer basically deals with substantive claims related to the crime charged to their client. They are there to help them before appropriate charges have been filed in court by the prosecuting attorney, during the court proceedings and even post trial.

In relation to this, the Utah criminal defense attorney will investigate and research creative ways to inject doubt into the claims of their adversary. His job is to build a strong line of defense to prove his client’s innocence or help mitigate his levied sentence.

A criminal defense attorney may either be retained by private individuals or corporations or act as public defender, employed by criminal courts to represent people who cannot afford high lawyer’s fees.

The usual cases that a defense attorney handles are issues related to arrest or a criminal investigation for crimes related to sex, theft, drug, murder, traffic offenses and driving under influence. There are also white collar crimes like embezzlements, anti-trust violations, fraud, bribery and environmental law violations. Federal crimes such as identity theft, alien smuggling, fire arm offenses, gambling and immigration problems and money laundering are also part of their turf.

A Utah criminal defense attorney duty is basically to clear a name or get a lower sentence for their clients.

Restaurant Chairs–Enhancing the Comfort of Customers!

When you are designing an area where people will dine, chairs are a major consideration. No matter how sumptuous the meals may be, customers may not enjoy them if they are seated on uncomfortable seats. There are limitless varieties of restaurant chairs to choose from. The choice of chair you make is very important as it will affect the ambience of the area you intend to furnish. What are some of the common restaurant sitting options?

Well you could opt to go for the popular bar stools. These are a pragmatic option for any restaurant. The chairs are available in a large array of styles and colors. Given the vast variety available to choose from, there is indeed something for everyone. Thus, you can always go for the bar stools that suit your taste; those that complement the décor of your restaurant. Interior designers would agree with the fact that bar stools could add a touch of class to your restaurant and still enable you to maintain an informal atmosphere.

Another popular option of restaurant chairs are the bistro chairs. These are very suitable especially if you are dealing with small restaurants where you do not have much space available. Bistro chairs are considered informal pieces of furniture and they normally come in light colors. The chairs can be made from several materials such as wicker or rustic metal. If you are operating a large restaurant, the best option would be to go for the banquet chairs. They are made in simplistic designs and they can enable you host a large number of people. You can always have the banquet chairs stored whenever you do not need them.

What are some of the specific factors that you need to consider when buying restaurant chairs? The comfort of the chairs should always be at the top of the list. You may opt to go for chairs that have some padding as they are more comfortable to sit on. Ensure that the chairs have the capacity to withstand different weights; you will definitely encounter customers of different weights. You will be receiving customers of all ages; therefore, you should go for chairs that are universal and can be used by any customer regardless of his age or size.

It is important to consider the height of the restaurant chairs in comparison with the height of your restaurant tables. If you are using some bar stools for instance, they should be in sync with the restaurant tables.  The style of your chairs should fit in with the style of the restaurant as a whole. For instance, if your restaurant has a western or country theme, you will definitely not go for Victorian styled chairs. As much as you should go for stylish chairs, ensure that they are also safe and cannot easily tip over.

What You Need to Know about Home Dehumidifiers

Home dehumidifiers are appliances that are used to regulate the moisture levels in the air within a certain space, mostly at home and at work. The optimum level for humidity is always considered to lie between 40% to 50% and anything higher than this can cause serious health concerns to the people in that area. High humidity is also a favorable condition that supports the growth of mold which ends up destroying furniture, clothing, walls and the carpets in houses. The mold also emits bad odors that deprive the house of its freshness.

The big question that you might be asking yourself now is whether you need these dehumidifiers or not. There are many signs that you can watch out for to give you an indication of whether your home environment has high humidity. These signs include the presence of water spots on your windows, condensation on the inner side of the glass in the rooms and the perceived presence of vapor and fog on your window and glass cutlery. Bathrooms are perhaps the most affected by high humidity to the extent of water cropping up the wall to the roof. Steam rising from the bathroom also aids in the growth of mold. Basements and cramped spaces all over the house are places mostly likely to host fungus.

The dehumidifiers work under the principle of condensing moisture in the air on a cold surface. Most of them have a fan that blows in warm air containing moisture which is passed over refrigeration coils to remove the moisture the moisture condenses and is collected after which it is disposed.

When looking for dehumidifiers you will want to go for something that is affordable and gives you value for your money. There are numerous models in the market today that come in various shapes and sizes. Selecting the best will require you to consider some factors that include the size of the room, the number of rooms you have, their price as well as their placements.

The dehumidifiers can be generally categorized into the whole-home models and the portable models. The whole-home models have been designed to work together with the heating systems at homes and also be able to regulate the humidity of the surrounding spaces the portable model on the other hand is meant for households since they can be moved from one room to another easily. There are numerous stores in which you can find one that suits you at an affordable price.

Things you should know about Service Desk Software

Service desk software is one of the investments that a business should be considering in this modern world. It is setup to improve the performance and the quality of customer services. Many organizations have integrated the software so as to ensure that the systems are fast and highly efficient. A slow system leads to slow response which is among the major reasons why some businesses lose their existing customers. Thus if your service desk is slow, it is high time you considered investing in the software if you want to keep your business up even in the long run.

Other than speedy response to consumers, service desk software also provides the management with reports that they can use for decision making. The transactions are recorded on the software and thus the management can retrieve this information every time they need to assess how the business is going. The reports generated can be used to identify gaps that need to be filled so as to improve performance. The management will be able to know where to make changes and how to allocate resources so as to improve productivity. The information can also be used make decisions in financial planning so as to ensure that the company invests wisely.

For the service desk software you buy to be effective, you have to ensure that the employees receive adequate training on it operation. They should be given an overview of the new software, its functions, how it will improve the operations and the role they have to play in that. Even if you buy the best software in the market, you will not get maximum results if your employees are not playing their part well. Thus ensure that they are trained by an expert who has a good understanding of the software. After the initial training, they should be regularly updated in case you make any changes. Also ensure that they maintain a good etiquette when dealing with the clients.

With the service desk software in place, the company will experience better productivity and thus improved sales and profit. Company efficiency will be achieved which is a major tool in improving your return on investments. With the software you will be in control of your company’s operations and resources. However, if you want to experience all these benefits you have to ensure that you choose high quality software from a very reputable provider.

Live Chat Agents – Why You Need Them

Websites open a company up to a wide audience. The Internet is the platform where most businesses are competing. Your website is the tool that will give you an edge in this competition. One of the things that will make your website more effective is live chat. When customers visit your website they should be able to get answers for their questions. This helps in improving customer satisfaction. Companies that provide software for live chat offer the software and assist your live chat agents as a service. These agents are responsible for managing chat conversations on your website.

Live chat agents are trained to monitor and handle chat conversations with clients. Most of the questions that customers ask are basic. Most companies will offer a script that the agents can use to answer most of the queries. This predefined script can be copied and pasted with one click. They do not have to struggle to type each answer. This makes it convenient for your company. The predefined script allows your live chat agents to be able to answer more than one chat conversation. This reduces your operational cost because you do not have to hire a big team to handle the chats.

Live chat agents should always be available for customers. The chat service should be operational twenty four hours in a day. Customers should know that they can be able to communicate with the company at any time. Monitoring of these chats is extremely important. The live chat agents should be able to identify the solutions that customers need. They should also understand when they need to forward the customer to other people that can help them further. If you have good agents they will be able to help you with advertisers, investors, and customers by handling their chats professionally. Therefore, this team does not only help in customer service but also marketing.

The provider that offers you live chat services on your website should have a solution when your live chat agents are not available. They should have a backing answering service that will answer your chats then route them back to you. They should also be able to give your customer tools like email forms that they can use to state their queries when your agents are not available. By monitoring your chats, the agents can also be able to tell you when you need to make changes in your website so that you can improve its performance.

Why Having an Online Meeting is Practical

Meetings are a necessary form of communication in the business world. Whether meeting with clients or with employees, you need to have a session with these groups once in a while so as to know where the business stands as well as establish the customers’ needs. Currently, the internet has become the main medium of communication in almost all aspects of our lives. From instant messaging to VoIP calls, the internet has made it faster and easier to communicate. Here are some of the reasons why having an online meeting is practical than a conventional boardroom meeting.

1. You cut on transportation costs. This is especially true of companies that have branches in numerous locations. Typically, you will find that employees will have to move from one location to the next to engage in forums, training sessions, business meetings and so on. In addition to money spent on travelling, a lot of time is also spent on the road, which could affect the company’s productivity. When opting for an online meeting, you reduce these costs abundantly. With this software, all everyone has to do is log in for a video conference and you can have your meeting with the intended participants no matter where they are located. Not only is it affordable, but it is practical too.

2. It provides numerous sharing options. Having an online meeting does not mean that you cannot have the full experience of a boardroom meeting. If anything, it is more environmentally friendly as it cuts out the need for extra paperwork. All sharing of files and presentations can be done through the web conferencing software. Therefore, it does not matter if someone has a presentation or if perhaps the participants have to look through documentation. All this can be done simultaneously from remote locations.

3. Different options for communication. When people think of an online meeting, the first thing that comes to mind is a video conference. Although this is a large part of the meeting, it is not the only communication option available. You can get web conferencing software that offers features such as instant messaging as well as VoIP calls. This gives the participants a chance to communicate discreetly with each other during the meeting without disrupting it. The attendees also get a chance to share files and other media while the meeting is going on so as to ensure everyone taking part is on the same page.


I customize and rebuild motorcycles…classics, customs, stock cycle, doesn’t matter. If somebody wants to pay me to make their cycle look better, I’m the man. Every so often, I find a bike that I want to fix, either to resell or to keep for myself. I wasn’t looking to buy a cycle anytime soon, but a guy drove up to the shop one day, hauling a Harley Davidson Road King on its trailer. He wanted to sell it. He swore it broke his heart to have to get rid of it; he was the original owner, but he’d fallen on hard times. He didn’t just have to sell the bike and trailer, but the truck he was driving, too. I guess I’m a sucker for a hard-luck story.

I had some extra money right then, as I’d just finished a sweet custom bike for a wealthy man. He’d paid full price and given me a bonus! So I told Hard Luck Guy that I was interested in helping him out, if we could do the deal through He said he had heard about escrow websites, but wasn’t familiar with this one. We went in my office, logged onto the website, and read about the services they offer. I told him that I had used before and was happy with their services.

He agreed and we set up the deal right there in my office. He left the bike and trailer at my shop, and we both went to my bank to have the money wire transferred to The deal was getting done faster than usual, but I could tell the guy really needed the money.

I wanted to drive the bike for a couple of days and it was going to take some time for to do all the things they do. So, Hard Luck Guy and I parted ways. The next day, called and said that the motorcycle had been in an accident, something the seller hadn’t told me. They even had a description of the repairs that were done.

I was upset that the guy hadn’t been straight with me, and called to question him. He said he’d never had an accident, the company must be wrong, or there was some mix-up. Well, it turned out that he had loaned his Road King to a friend for a few months. The dates the friend had it matched the date of the accident that the escrow company had given me. Some friend! Wrecks a man’s ride, has it fixed, and never tells him. Now I really felt bad for Hard Luck Guy.

After talking a while longer, I was convinced he was telling the truth. It didn’t really matter to me that the bike had been damaged. I was planning to do some custom work on it as soon as it was mine. Hard Luck Guy got some bucks he desperately needed and I got a Road King.